96M-11 - Spacer for Plate system - ABS material

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Spacer for Plate System - Acrylic Butyl Styrene

0.5 mL System—Requires Base Plate Only

1.0 mL System—Requires one Spacer and Base Plate

1.5 mL System—Requires two Spacers and Base Plate

2.0 mL System—Requires three Spacers and Base Plate

Many assays require heating or cooling of the vials to simulate in vitro conditions or for temperature sensitive experiments. The heating or cooling is usually done with liquids or gases. The bottom design allows our base plate to be immersed in heating or cooling fluids to allow total fluid contact with the vials. This permits a uniform transfer of energy to and from the vials. Our plates do not float in the bath. They are constructed ABS.


Plates manufactured in ABS (Acrylic Butyl Sytrene) have good chemical resistance against acid and bases, are heat resistant up to 80° C and can be centrifuged to 2,500 rpm.

Plate System
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