800 Series

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800 Series Microliter Syringes

The 800 series syringes are a reinforced plunger version of the 700 series. The 800 series has the same liquid handling capabilities as the 700 series, but with the addition of a blue removable aluminum syringe holder that attaches to the flange of the syringe. The syringe holder prevents heat transfer, dispense inaccuracies, plunger blow outs and plunger bending during injection. A two-piece extended plunger further eliminates the risk of breakage. A friction screw at the top of the barrel can be adjusted to give the user some control over dispensing speed and prevent the accidental removal of the plunger. In addition, the syringe holder can be fitted with different barrel/plunger assemblies to cover a range of volumes.

Recommended Use: This syringe is intended for applications where the plunger on a 700 series syringe might be bent. Excellent for novice users.

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