5982-1365 - C18 Endcapped Box 30x6ml Tubes, 500mg SPE

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SampliQ C18EC products are based on bonded, endcapped, reversed-phase octadecylsilane (ODS) silica gel particles. The non-polar sorbent is endcapped (EC), reducing polar secondary interactions associated with surface silanol groups. Non-polar analytes should be more strongly retained compared with non-endcapped SampliQ C18 products. SampliQ C18EC has a 25% carbon loading.

Silica-based SPE products have been used for many years, and continue to be used reliably in many methods. All SampliQ silica-based products have an average particle size of 45 μm and nominal pore diameter of 60Å. These particles reduce pressure drop, increase flow reproducibility and, in some cases, allow replacement of vacuum manifolds with gravity-driven flow. SampliQ's Silica SPE have trifunctional bonding, which provides more stability over monomeric bonding.

Reversed phase sorbents are non-polar, and will be used to retain (extract) nonpolar analytes. For reversed phase sorbents, retention decreases as the solvent becomes more non-polar.

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