5067-1603 - In-Line Filter Assembly, with 2.1 x 0.2

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InfinityLab Quick Change Inline Filters

Particles within the HPLC flow path can clog the column frit over time, causing pressure increases and shorter column lifetime. The Agilent InfinityLab Quick Change HPLC inline filter protects HPLC columns by caputring particles before they reach the column, extending their use and reducing cost/sample.

Less stress, more updtime.

Click and seal: a click sound tells you when the filter is tight up to 1300 bar, no risk of over- or under-tightening.

  • Efficient filtration of particles to protect columns and extend column lifetime
  • In-situ replacement of filter disc without disconnecting the filter from flow path
  • Robust filter housing for over 100 filter disc replacements to lower operational costs
  • Touchless packaging enables no-touch insertion of filter disc into filter housing
Pore Size:
0.2 µm
Pore Size:
0.5 µm
2.1 mm
Unit of Measure: