VICI Precut Stainless Steel Tubing

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VICI Precut and Custom Length Stainless Steel Tubing

These packages of pre-cut Type 316 stainless tubing provide an economical solution to the problems that are caused by"seat-of-the-pants"cutting in the lab or field. They are priced to give a savings over the charge for custom-cut tubing.

All tubing is electrolytically cut and specially steam-cleaned with micro-filtered steam from deionized water, which removes both organic and inorganic contaminants.

VICI Custom Length Tubing

Bulk metal tubing is not electrolytically cut or cleaned. The annealing process provides tubing which is sufficiently clean for most chromatography applications. Specify the length required, in inches or feet. For pricing of custom tubing, the length is rounded up to the next foot. For example, a 5" piece is charged as 1 foot; an 18" piece as 2 feet. Please call sales at Chrom Tech for custom orders.