Syringe Accessories

Hamilton Syringe Accessories

PB600 Repeating Dispenser

Consistently dispense sample up to 50 times with the push of a button. The repeating dispenser works with Microliter or Gastight syringes from 10 µL to 10 mL.

Digital Syringe™

The only N.I.S.T. traceable, calibrated syringe device available. It comes completely calibrated with its own "Certificate of Calibration". The easy-to-read LCD screen displays volume dispensed within ±0.5% of the syringe volume. It is used with Hamilton syringes with total volumes of 0.5 to 500 µL.

Reproducibility (Chaney) Adapter

For consistent, reproducible injections. It also prevents the plunger from bending. The adjustable stop prevents plunger damage. Easily installed.

Syringe Guide

The Syringe Guide is a cost effective plunge support device. With only two guide arms the Syringe Guide protects the plunger from damage but should not be used to improve accuracy and precision.

Calibrated Syringe

Hamilton Company offers a calibration service for precision syringes and Digital Syringes. A Certificate of Calibration is provided with the product and the procedure is performed with an unbroken chain of calibrations traceable to N.I.S.T. procedure

MTB Sampling Valve

  • Level-actuated on/off valve for storing and transporting samples in any Gastight TLL syringe
  • Kel-F hub needles attach to the valve
  • Pressure tested to 100 PSI; autoclavable
  • Bore I.D., 0.039"

Septum Adapter

  • Store and sample syringe contents through the septum adapter
  • Attaches to any TLL syringe or luer lock fitting
  • Replaceable septum

Removable (RN) Adapters

  • 250 µL and larger removable needle (RN) syringes
  • Port ID of .039" allows sample spiking with a 701N syringe
  • Provides connection to threaded fittings, tubing assemblies, tees and crosses