Max Recovery Vials

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Chrom Tech High Recovery HPLC Vials

When you need a high recovery vial, nothing else will do. There are two main reasons to use high recovery vials.

    1. Rare, Limited-Volume Sample
    2. Reinjection of the Same Sample

In either case, the ability to inject the last few microliters is a big deal, and you need it to be cost-effective for your lab.

To get a successful analysis or a subsequent injection, you have to recover every last drop from your vial. The tapered conical finish allows the needle to draw up even the last few microliters.

When some HPLC systems require a specific type of high recovery vial, you may think the only option is to purchase the vials directly from the instrument manufacturer. But that isn’t always cost-effective.

We supply high throughput labs with high recovery autosampler vials at a fraction of the price compared to buying from the instrument vendor. Get the high recovery vials you need at a price that works with your budget.

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