EnviroPrep Columns

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Agilent EnviroPrep Columns

Environmental clean up with EPA methods

  • High sample loading ensures effective trace analysis
  • Simple clean-up procedure saves sample preparation costs
  • Optimized particle size distribution provides high resolution

EnviroPrep columns permit a simple, one stage clean-up to determine pesticides in many organic matrices. The higher molecular weight fractions such as lipids, polymers, natural resins and dispersed high molecular weight components are easily eliminated in the GPC analysis

Tech Tip: Preparative GPC for soil extract clean-up is described in EPA Method 3640A using 25 x 300 mm and 25 x 150 mm columns to give higher sample loading and fraction yields, which is particularly useful for low levels of pollutants. Low pore size EnviroPrep columns are idea for this method. The columns have 10 um particles with 100A pore sizes for high resolution, with an exclusion limit of 4,000 MW. The preparative columns offer good resolution and high loading through optimization of the particle size distribution.

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