Dacapo DX-C18

Imtakt Dacapo DX-C18

  • Wide pH range 1-12
  • High-resolution 2.5um particles
  • UHPLC compatible (500bar)
  • Simple eluent for LC-MS using ammonium hydroxide
  • ESI-negative mode for peptides
  • Alkali sample solution / Alkali column washing.

Highest pH stable silica-based particle column on the market. It’s complete surface coverage also improves peak shape by reducing unwanted secondary interactions.

DACAPO DX-C18 is the first "Dual-Matrix" structure in the world. It combines the mechanical strength of porous silica with the alkyl stability of polymer-based columns by covering the entire surface with an unprecedented C18/organic polymer matrix. This unique Imtakt exclusive design brings the best of both types of columns into one, with a porous silica matrix providing the ability to withstand high pressures and organic solvents and the organic polymer matrix providing resistance to degradation under alkyl conditions and poor peak shapes caused by unwanted secondary surface silanol interactions.