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Agilent vials and closures provide simple ways to boost your lab’s productivity, ensuring you make up your initial return on investment in no time. Agilent’s autosampler vials, closures, vial inserts, and high recovery vials offer unparalleled performance in the industry. This is due, in part, to the use of some of the lowest-bleed septum materials used in their caps and inert glass materials they use for their vials. This ensures the optimal protection of each of your samples.

Explore our range of Agilent vials, closures, and related accessories. We carry glass and plastic vials, headspace vials, snap glass vials, screw cap vials, high recovery vials, vial inserts, crimpers, decappers, and more!

Let Chrom Tech help you find just the right solution to store and protect your samples with our selection of high-quality Agilent vials, closures, and accessories.