2 mL Autosampler Vials

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12 x 32 mm Vials and Closures

Chrom Tech offers LC and GC autosampler vials with a variety of closures such as screw thread, snap, and crimp vials for various chromatography applications LC and GC applications. The 12x32 mm size is the most common vial size for liquid injection chromatography, and is available in clear and amber glass as well as polymeric options. Browse our selection of 2.0mL vials as well as limited volume vials.

Screw thread and snap vials are typically used in LC applications, while crimp vials are often found in GC laboratories. Although 8-425 thread is the original screw thread vial, we recommend 9mm thread for most customers as it allows for pipetting while maintaining autosampler compatibility. Equip your lab with our high-quality LC and GC autosampler vials, closures, and inserts today. 

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