Pre-Loaded Inserts in 11 mm Autosampler Vials

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Limited Volume Inserts Pre-Loaded in 11mm Autosampler Vials

Chrom Tech is on the front end of improving customer experience in the laboratory. With the aim of streamlining your lab and workflow processes, we offer numerous time-saving products and accessories, including limited volume inserts pre-loaded in 11mm autosampler vials.

Limited volume inserts are ideal for sampling extremely small volumes. By offering 11mm autosampler vials pre-loaded with limited volume inserts, your laboratory efficiencies will improve significantly. We have a wide variety of 11mm autosampler vials that are pre-loaded with vial inserts that hold between 200uL and 300uL. We also offer preassembled autosampler vials and inserts which make use of an attached polyethylene springs which helps protect the vial insert.

Contact our support desk ( if you require pre-loaded autosampler vials with limited volume inserts in other sizes.

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