Rotor Seals & Stators

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Rheodyne Stators and Rotor Seals

Rotor Seals

The standard rotor seal in many Rheodyne® manual valves is made from a Vespel® blend. This polyimide has low wear and high chemical resistance. Vespel tolerates a pH range of 0 to 10. Solutions more basic than pH 10 dissolve Vespel which damages the rotor seal. PEEK offers a high chemical resistance and versatility, and will tolerate the entire pH range from 0 to 14. ETFE blend rotor seals are appropriate for use in applications where PEEK is not generally acceptable, such as when methylene chloride or DMSO in higher concentrations is being used.

Please Note: Rotor seals for MX Series I & Series II Modules are available in the RheBuild Kits section.