RheBuild Kits, Rapid Replacement Pods & MXX Replac

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RheBuild Kits, Replacement Parts and Accessories

RheBuild® Kits

RheBuild Kits are available for all Rheodyne brand products. Included in each individual RheBuild Kit: rotor seal; stator face assembly; isolation seal; needle guide; needle port cleaner; tools and instructions to maintain precision performance of your valve. RheBuild Kits eliminate individual part ordering.

Rapid Replacement Pods

Replacement pods are easily exchanged as part of scheduled preventive maintenance, or in an emergency, a pod can be substituted quickly while the original is examined and cleaned at your convenience.

MXX Replacement Fittings

Use these replacement Ferrules and O-rings for 1/8" and 1/16" tubing with the MXX Series II valves.

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