Heat Sealing Film and Foil Rolls

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Heat Seal Rolls for high throughput laboratories

Minimize Variables and Maintain Efficiency

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  • restricted access to change the temp, duration, or force applied to the plate

High throughput laboratories need to avoid contamination, stay compliant and minimize variables when sealing 96-well plates. Chrom Tech recommends the UltraSeal Pro Thermal Plate Sealer for these labs:

What about high throughput laboratories that are concerned with efficiency and price per seal? Forget individual sheets of foil. The UltraSeal Pro Thermal Plate Sealer has rolls of foil that can seal up to 4800 plates. And they offer compatibility with a wide range of shallow and deep well rimmed plates.

The UltraSeal Pro Thermal Plate Sealer also works with plastic film. Get a quote or email our team of product specialists directly about which option is right for you.

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